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December 8th, 2009
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AZ Native Studios, LLC

2307 W. Horseshoe Place - Tucson, Arizona 85745 – Ph. 520-405-7515

Film Studio Project



AZ Native Studios, LLC proposes the development of Arizona’s first advanced production studios in the Greater Metropolitan Tucson area, the “AZ Native Studios”.

AZ Native Studios recognizes that a major production studio with all of the components necessary to compete with film sound stages across the world is an important component for the continued growth of Arizona as a film making destination.

The Subject Properties

The principals have control through long term lease agreements of approximately 100 acres of land on an Indian Reservation in Southern Arizona near  Tucson, Arizona, just west of State Freeway 19 . Approximately 80 acres are currently designed for the studio development. An additional 60+ acres are on the site and are planned for related commercial activities including offices and retail with a studio, entertainment concept development theme. The studio site has been chosen based on its’ close proximity to existing support businesses and amenities, such as hotels, restaurants, transportation, airports and other businesses that the studio needs to support film producers. Desert Diamond Casino and Casino Del Sol are located less that fifteen minutes away. Centrally located, it will be convenient for members of the film industry work force.

AZ Native Studios will build a Studio Training Facility.

There exists a need for qualified crew members. Training competent production crew members is imperative to the success of the studio and will enable us to “grow our own”. This film school will have Native American preference enrollment to insure the training of Native Americans in the film industry. Courses will be created to be both accessible and academically rigorous, in accordance with best practices for teaching at the university level.

Studio Design Concept

Specific designs and plans for the Studio Complex will be completed by a team of professionals such as our architectural firm, management team, and several studio executives and potential users. The initial scope of construction consists of 6 stages, necessary on lot support, and office facilities as well as a commissary. Eventually this complex will be expanded to 10 stages, then increased as the market allows.

The complex will be designed to attract permanent users as well as the temporary clientele associated with shows, feature films, commercial and interactive projects.

It is anticipated that the following will be designed: One (1) Executive Office Building with 40,000 sq. ft. of office space and a 6,000 sq. ft. single eatery attached to the building. This building will contain the offices of vendors and other facilities for film and television production, offices for writers, producers, casting agents and other film industry professionals. Two (2) 25,000 sq. ft. sound stages each with 40 ft. to grid. Two (2) divisible 44,000 sq. ft. stages each with 45 ft. to grid. For each of the sound stage clusters a 15,000 sq. ft. service building will be built. These buildings contain production offices, wardrobe, make-up, rehearsal space and dressing rooms. These are all needs that film production companies have during the creation of their projects. Five (5) 2500 sq. ft. Production Offices -. Free standing offices for use by production companies. One (1) 20,000 sq. ft. storage building. One (1) 50,000 sq. ft. industrial building and a security guard house and entry gate.

Social and Economic Benefits

AZ Native Studios’ will address many of the economic and social objectives of the Southern Arizona Community as follows:

  • $64 million plus investment on site
  • 2,000+ new film industry related jobs
  • State-of-the- art production facilities, which will draw other film businesses to the location.
  • Studio Training Facility that will provide job training for Tribal members as first preference.
  • Revenue generation for excellent rate of return to investors gained through:
    • Movie Studio
    • Movie Tour
    • Specialty Restaurants
    • Specialized Office Development
    • Specialized training
    • Short term employee housing

  • Numerous entrepreneurial and small business opportunities.
  • Tribal outsourcing opportunities i.e. fire services, housing, telecommunications, utility services, etc.
  • Will Complement the Tribal Master Plan of current properties and revenue generation.
  • Mutual tribal partnerships …, educational opportunity and community involvement and empowerment are a priority.


AZ Native Studios will create state of the art opportunities for professional film production. AZ Native Studios is convinced that this project, to be located on  Southern Arizona Indian Tribal Reservation land near Tucson, Arizona will create economic and educational opportunities for tribal members and others that will enhance and bring to fruition many of the economic development goals of the Southern Arizona Community. The film studio, movie tour and surrounding development are projected to produce approximately 2,000 plus jobs across a broad spectrum of opportunities. Production employment opportunities in the industry include lighting, electric, stage sets, film engineering, cameraman, boom, scaffolding, and administrative positions. Post-production jobs such as film editing, sound, props, and more will be created. Numerous retail opportunities and small business opportunities for tribal members and others will also be created. The proposed film training facility school will be a major asset in bringing much needed job training to fulfill the employment needs of the studio in start-up and into the future. The film training facility school education and training will be focused on the core job functions related to the studio, which can be utilized at this production studio or any other studio throughout the U.S.